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what is this site for?

TRIGGER WARNING: references to nutrition, eating disorders and self-hate.

This is a website for discoveries, self-improvement and education, it’s a tool to find answers to your questions and find help if needed. Through articles and informative paragraphs, Eat Your Life aims to inspire users to cultivate their relationship with food and their bodies. Moreover, in their “Personal Space”, users will have access to an online journal that will enable them to keep track of their progress and share that with an inclusive community.

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Learn what nutrients are, how your body processes them and how a healthy diet is structured.

What happens if you eat in the wrong way? Discover the consequences of an unhealthy diet.

Find out more about eating disorders: the symptoms, the treatments and the causes.

The false stereotypes and beliefs our society built around food and body image are several. It is therefore necessary to tackle the toxic, unhealthy trends that media are spreading to improve and grow.

Life is so much more than worrying about a number on a scale, you aren’t a number or a body, you are so much more.

Discover useful advice on how to stay healthy while finding a balance between physical activity and rest.

Acknowledge how to be online without being influenced by harmful content and get to know positive creators.

Beauty standards have severely changed over time, leading to discomfort and negativity among generations.


I’m not a doctor, a dietitian or a therapist. I’m just a girl trying to raise awareness and knowledge about nutrition and love for your body. If you feel that your eating behaviour is damaging your health, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Below you will find a link to a website that contains useful contacts for each country of the world, along with the resources used to write the content of this website.

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